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The Voice Behind The Screen Chapter 3 

 "W-What?" You asked, absolutely shocked. Francis sighed again, saying quietly, "I don't care. Your voice is very beautiful, and zhat's all zhat matters." You looked down at the floor, not knowing what to do. You didn't realize what you had said next until you had finished saying it. "There is a way that I can see you." You saw the silhouette of Francis move closer to the paper screen. You saw that he was much taller than you, and that he had his long hair in a ponytail, tied up with a ribbon. He was slender, but not too slender. Now you really wanted to see him. "'ow?" He asked. You looked down and told him about Madame O'Reilly's market trips. You thought about when her last trip was, then you realized that she would be going again tomorrow night. You told Francis, and you saw the silhouette put a hand to his chin, then you heard a scratching sound. He had stubble on his chin. "Alright, where can I meet you at, mademoiselle?" You remembered every hallway and entrance within the song parlour. Every year, Madame O'Reilly had a fairly large get-together/ball in the grand ballroom. You would never attend these parties, but you knew that there was a special entrance that Francis could enter through. When you spoke next, your voice was confident and you could feel the excitement swelling in your chest. "Just past the main entrance hall is a passage leading to a grand ballroom. I will be waiting in the ballroom at midnight." The Silhouette nodded. "I will see you zhere, Mademoiselle. Until zhen. Au Revior, Mon Cherie." He said, then he left.

~~~France's P.O.V. ~~~

  I left booth number five in a slight daze. When (Name) told me she was ugly, I just suspected that she had been so insecure, she considered herself hideous, and to be honest, that made me want to see her even more. I had met insecure girls like that before, and it turned out that they were very beautiful indeed. I had even slept with a few. Although, I hadn't decided wether or not I wanted to sleep with (Name) until I had seen just how 'hideous' she was. I smiled and shook my head as I strolled down the hall to the front entrance, where Spain would be waiting for me. I thought to myself, 'She's just insecure. She's probably very beautiful.'  However, somewhere, deep within my heart, I knew that she was telling the truth.

~~~Time skip to the next night~~~ Reader P.O.V.~~~

  Ten minutes to go before Madame O'Reilly left. That meant you had ten minutes before you met Francis in the grand ballroom. You lay there, in your bed, pretending to sleep whenever Madame O'Reilly would come and check on all the girls. You heard the door open, then shut, and you knew then that there were only five minutes left. Sitting up, you looked at the clock, counting down the minutes, which seemed like hours. Four....Three....Two....One. You flung the covers to the side, revealing the beautiful (Favorite Color) silk dress Madame O'Reilly gave you for your birthday, along with the matching necklace and shoes. You silently opened the unlocked door, staring into the pitch blackness of the hall. "Elena...I need your help." You whispered. Elena appeared, then walked down the hall in front of you, the hall filled up with the dim blue light Elena emitted, making things clearer. You silently, stealthily walked through the hallway, and into the grand ballroom. The grand ballroom was, in every sense of the word, grand. It was the largest, most spacious room in the entire song parlor. There were four massive windows placed high near the ceiling. Moonlight streamed through the windows, illuminating whatever the beams hit. In the center of the ballroom were a few chairs. You grabbed one and pulled it into a dark corner of the room. "Elena...I need to ask you one more favor. I need you to lead Francis to the ballroom. The place is so big...he might end up lost. Will you help him?" Elena smiled. "Anything for you, (Name)." She said, then she disappeared.

~~~France's P.O.V.~~~

  I silently picked the lock to the door of the song parlor, the door making a tiny *click click* whenever I opened it. Walking into the main entrance, I noticed a faint glow in the corner of the room. I walked closer to it, thinking it was a lantern. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was a girl. A glowing girl! Her hair was dark and her eyes were black and slightly sunken into her face. She looked about thirteen or so. "(N-Name)?" I asked. The girl shook her head, smiling with thin lips. "No." She said, her voice wispy and faint. "My name is Elena. I'm a friend of (Name), and I'm supposed to show you the way. Follow me." I followed this strange girl through the passage. At the end of it was a door, and when we arrived at the door, the girl just...dissolved away before my eyes. It was then that I realized Elena was a ghost. So, (Name)'s friend was...dead. I shivered, then, remembering that (Name) was waiting for me, opened the door.

  It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the dim light, but when they did, I noticed the silhouette of a young lady sitting in the corner. "(N-Name)?" I called quietly. The figure stood, then moved into the moonlit part of the room. I gasped. She was telling the truth about her face. Her face was...wrong. I cannot truly describe how her face looked. I kept my face straight, and walked into the moonlight myself, approaching her. "I know." She said quietly. "Aren't I disgusting?" I answered truthfully, "Your appearance is...Shocking, oui, but I would not call you 'ideous." I said. I looked at the rest of her. She wore a (Favorite color) dress and necklace. Her (Hair color) hair was in a (Hairstyle). It shimmered in the moonlight. Her eyes were a soft shade of (Eye color). As I looked into those deep (Eye color) pools, I saw a spark of happiness, and suddenly, she did not look as ugly. "Francis..." She said. "I...I....Thank you. You've shown me nothing but generosity. Surely a man so kind and handsome has already claimed a woman..." I shook my head. I had never really thought of having an actual..relationship before. I had only thought about my own personal pleasures, but now, since (Name) had mentioned it, I was seriously considering it.

~~~Reader P.O.V.~~~

  For about two hours, you and Francis talked about youselves. You told him about your past, and Elena's death. He told you about one of his friends, a man named Antonio, but he didn't tell you much else. Finally, you asked him, "What kind of job do you have?" He looked down rather shamefully. "I'm sorry, (Name), that I did not tell you, but I was 'oping I could avoid zhat subject. My job is...'ard to explain." You looked him in the eyes. "Try me." You said. He sighed, then he began to explain to the best of his abilities.

"I am supposed to be zhe personification, or representative, of zhe country of France. I, along wizh a few ozher select individuals gazher togezher for World meetings. Where we discuss...Well, to be 'onest I don't know what we're supposed to discuss. We 'ave not 'ad a normal world meeting yet. I usually end up fighting wizh England." You hadn't heard it, but he added under his breath, 'because 'e's a jerk.' You nodded in understanding. "I see...So you represent France?" He nodded. "Well, if everybody in France were like you, I would definetly want to live there." Suddenly, as if done at the speed of light, Francis pulled you into his embrace, his body warming yours, then he tilted your head upwards and he kissed you passionately. You wanted that moment to last forever; you wanted him to never let go, to never pull his lips away, because in that moment, you felt truly...Beautiful. But it had to end eventually. When it did, he held you close to his chest. You could hear his heart pounding. "I've never felt zhis way about anyone before. I...I zhink I'm in love wizh you, (Name)."  You felt the same way, and you told him so. You looked each other in the eyes. "'ow often does your mistress leave for zhe market?" He asked you. "Once a week, usually on fridays." You replied. He smiled and nodded slowly. "Bon. I will see you again, Mon Cherie, next friday, at zhe same time." You kissed again, only briefly. "Until, zhen. Goodbye, (Name)" And then he left the ballroom.

  As you lay back in your bed, your thoughts swirled around. He loved you! He really loved you! You sighed dreamily. It was only then that you realized how tired you were, and you drifted off to sleep.

 That night, you dreamed of Francis' warm embrace, and that wonderful kiss, and that feeling of being beautiful.


Rich!Snob!FranceXUgly!Reader The Voice Ch.3 by AnimeHetaliaGirl

/ / ©2012-2015 AnimeHetaliaGirl
Chapter three. Hope you all enjoy it!
I do not own Francis or you.
I do own Madame O'Reilly and Elena.
All rights to their respective owners.
Chapter two: [link]
Chapter one: [link]
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